5.5mm (7/32″) precision nut driver for IBM keyboards

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7/32″ (5.5mm) precision nut driver for IBM model M keyboards

Have you ever wanted to get inside your IBM model M keyboard?

If you have previously tried to use a standard mechanic’s socket wrench or needle-nose pliers or standard spanner wrench.. you know those will NOT work.  Those standard tools are simply too large for this precision job.

You need this specific precision-tool to reach inside the recessed holes and access the 7/32″ screws to open the IBM model M keyboard

– Precision Nut Driver (7/32″ x 75mm)
– shaft length = 63.5mm (2 1/2″)
– total tool length = 155mm (6 1/8″)

  • Blade Material Corrosion Resistant Steel
  • Shank Material Satin Chrome Plated Finish
  • Shank Round
  • Handle Plastic w/Rubber Grip Handle and Rotating Cap


7/32″ = .21875 inches
5.5mm = .21653 inches