AT (5-pin DIN) to ps/2 adapter (Amazon)


Converts an older AT type keyboard (5pin din) to PS/2 (6pin mini din).

Perfect for converting older keyboard such as IBM PC/AT (84-keys) or 1390120 or 1390131 keyboards with AT connectors to a ps2 connection.

Can be used in combination with ps/2 to USB converter to connect your 1980’s keyboard to a modern 21st century PC or Mac.

** Note:  This AT to ps/2 adapter would not work with an XT keyboard, such as the IBM PC/XT 83-key keyboard.  XT and AT keyboards share the same physical connector type (5-pin DIN), but the PC/XT protocol is a different signal rate and language (scan code set 1) than the AT /ps/2 protocols (scan code 2).

** For those looking to connect their XT keyboard to a modern system, we recommend the following.