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Replacement original IBM model M bottom case from IBM part# 1370477 (1993)

– suitable replacement for many model M keyboards, including those with (1391401 post 1993, 82G2383, 52G9658, or without drainage holes (1390120, 1390131, 1391401).
– item lightly cleaned and inspected.  Missing left post (see figure 7) for internal keyboard assembly on upper-left side (not necessarily required).  Otherwise no major cracks, no major scratches, no major ink marks, intact internal plastic clips, intact hard plastic elevator feet, intact round rubber non-slip feet.

Note: Case would technically fit on a IBM/Lexmark 42H1292 keyboards or on later Unicomp variants, but note that the original cable exit path on the original model M keyboards are in a significantly different placement and the cut-out holes would not match.

We are selling this spare part without the original IBM sticker.  The final buyer can do whatever they want with the item.. but please don’t be “that guy on the keyboard forums” who takes this bottom piece and then mismatches it with a later Made by Lexmark or Made by Unicomp keyboard internals to make a “Frankenstein-like restoration” and then make false claims as to the rarity of the keyboard.  😛

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