original Lexmark cable for model M keyboards (52G9658, 52G9700, 82G2383)


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Now in our 14th year of collecting and restoring model M keyboards (2004-2018), one common flaw that we have observed with the lower-quality Made by Lexmark for IBM keyboards is that Lexmark went cheap on the plastic.

Typical problems of 52G9658, 52G9700, 82G2383 model M keyboards are faulty cables with the internal metal shielding exposed and/or cracked plastic sheathing.  (In contrast the SDL to ps/2 cables for the Made by IBM 1391401 keyboards used quality chemistry in their design and IBM never had this cable cracking/plastic peeling problem).

We have a limited number of original cables (used) that are still in good condition with no signs of cracking, peeling or damage to the exterior plastic sheathing.  All cables have been tested on the bench with a multimeter and again on a model M keyboard to function 100%

Direct plug in for 52G9658, 52G9700, 82G2383 model M keyboards.  Not intended for 1986 – 1992 model M keyboards, such as the 1391401.  May fit other post-1993 Made by Lexmark keyboard, contact us for information.

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